Vow of Abandonment
by Mother Louise Margaret Claret

"O my God, prostrate in Thy Presence,
 I adore Thy infinite perfection,
 I adore Thy sovereign dominion over all Thy creatures and,
in order to recognise Thy dominion over me,
 I make a vow of total abandonment of my whole being
into Thy hands. allowing Thee to dispose of me according to Thy good pleasure, for time and eternity.

"O Jesus, I abandon myself without reserve to Thy Divine Heart, giving Thy Love entire liberty of action in me and around me, wishing to see only Thy action in all things and to adore every disposition of Thy Will."

My motto is I will not let the devil have mine or any soul if I can prevent it, through prayer sacrifice and pain. I will fight the devil tooth and nail till I take my last breath and then fight him from heaven for souls here on earth. Whoever visits this site is automatically prayed for night and day as long as I live God knows who you are. Prayer requests contact:maryshelper1981@gmail.com