Words of thanks for unsung heroes

To the Editor:

People so often forget our unsung heroes.

Thank you to the priests and clergymen for bringing people compassion and hope and bringing them to God.

Thank you to the teachers who teach our children

Thank you to all the nurses and nurses aides and entertainment directors who work in our nursing homes and assisted living facilities and doctor offices. You give so much to the residents and patients in helping them and caring for them.

Thank you to the nurses at Good Samaritan sixth floor especially and on the other floors for bringing a smile to those who are sick and afraid of what is to come in the days they are there. Not knowing what the test results will be.

Thank you for the doctors who work tirelessly in keeping people well. Especially, Dr. Greco, Dr. Neil Fisher and Dr. Fisher radiologist and Dr. Setlock.

Thank you to the firemen and police for the work you do in keeping our towns safe.

Thank you to the garbage men who week after week keep our towns clean

Thank you to the postal carriers who deliver our mail in all types of weather.

Thank you to our truck drivers who deliver goods to stores. If it was not for you we would not have food on the table or clothes to wear.

May God Bless you all and keep you safe from all harm.

Dorothy Glinski

Shenandoah PA
Published in the Pottsville Republican   July 1. 2012