Resignation to accept Gods will , does not mean complacency, but there are things that we cannot change, like the time God has for each of us to go home to Him. We can not add one minute to our life and we cannot take one minute from it. We cannot add one minute to another persons life either. Each one of us goes out of this world, the way we made our life, whether for good or evil. We alone have to account to God for our lives no one else.

But we can make every minute count ,with our love ones here on earth, we can make the time with them a living hell or a little piece of heaven.

We can use tough love with our children so that they will stand up on their own. If we constantly butt in their lives they will not be able to stand on their own two feet

There has to be a time to let Go and let them fly. They may fall but they will pick themselves up, We cannot make excuses for them, when they mess up.

WE will not be here forever, to dust them off when they fall, we can be their sounding board but the end result they have to make the decision on their own. Whether it is to go to church, doctors, taking medicine etc. (this applies to spouses or children)

Right now I am in total resignation to the will of God in My life I accept whatever He will send me, not trying to second guess Him anymore. If my pain and the sorrow to come in my life can bring souls to heaven hallelujah, then I know that is one more soul that the devil will not get.

Our main purpose in life is to do the will of God. It will not be easy and we will fall. But we cannot give up. no matter what.

Fight for souls Fight for heaven. and kick the devils sorry little ass out of our lives and out the door of our childrens homes and well as our own. Kick his sorry ass, all the way down the crevice in the mountain into hell. For yourselves and for your children.

Pray constantly your eternal home is in your hands. Do not lose it.

by Dorothy Glinski