Friends are Treasures that are never forgotten
by Dorothy Glinski

The true friends we have in life,
are there for us through good times,
and through strife.
They help us get through the rough points of our life.
They are there to hear our fears.
They comfort us when we are down,
They put a smile on our face,
when there was a frown.
True friends can be found,
If only one reaches out.
They are a smile away,
They are next door,
Or maybe in the church choir,
Maybe you will find them
Helping the less fortunate
through orgnizations.
Do not be afraid to reach out to someone.
No matter if they are young or old.
That someone may be the one,
that will be a true friend be
throughout your life.
Call your friends today, Show them that you care.
Because tomorrow they may be
With God in the home
That He has prepared for them.
Do not wait until it is too late
To let them know
What a privilege and a joy,
It was to have them in your life.

In memory of Jean and John Yanushefsky Shenandoah PA
Marge and Eddie Feifer, Shenandoah, PA
Helen Galenis Shenandoah, PA
Emery and Josie Hrabovsky  Detroit MI 
Patsy Hrabovsky Detroit MI

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