O greatly Merciful God, Infinite Goodness,
 today all mankind calls out from the abyss
 of its misery to Your mercy---to Your compassion,
 O God; and it is with its mighty voice of misery that it cries out.
Gracious God do not reject the prayer of this earth's exiles!
O Lord, Godness beyond our understanding,
Who are acquainted with our misery through and through,
 and know that by our own power
 we cannot ascend to You,
we implore You; anticipate us with Your Grace
and keep on increasing Your mercy in us,
 that we may faithfully do Your holy will
all through our life and at death's hour.
 Let the omnipotence of Your mercy
shield us from the darts of our salvation's enemies,
that we may with confidence,
as Your children await Your final coming
-that day known to You alone.
 And we expect to obtain everything promised us
by Jeus in spite of all our wretchedness.
 For Jesus is our Hope:
Through His merciful Heart
 as through an open gate we pass through to heaven.
 (Diary of St. Faustina 1570)
Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul  1987 Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Stockbridge, MA 01263. Used with permission.

Most urgent need for God’s mercy
By Msgr. Anthony Wassel, pastor emeritus of the former St.
Joseph, Assumption BVM
and Sacred Heart Parishes, Mahanoy City PA

In St. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 21 verses 33 and
following, Our Blessed Lord teaches us a parable that
is most relevant for today. The parable teaches about a
property owner who planted a vineyard and leased it out
to tenant farmers and went on a journey.
When vintage time came, he dispatched his slaves to
obtain his share of grapes. The tenants seized the slaves
and killed them. The second time he dispatched even
more slaves, but they were also seized and killed. Finally
he sent his son, thinking they would respect his
son, and they also killed him.
Like in the parable, God the Father in 1917 sent the
Blessed Mother to the children of Fatima to ask all the
people in the world to pray the rosary every day for
15 minutes for world peace. She told the children that
World War I, which was still raging, would soon end,
but if the people refused her request, there will soon be
another war far worse than World War I.
As in the parable the tenants killed the slaves, so likewise
in 1917 people ignored the Blessed Mother’s request
to pray the rosary and as a result we entered World
War II.
The Blessed Mother at Fatima also told the children
that dress styles will be introduced that will greatly affect
“my Immaculate Heart.” What do we see today?
Women dressed most immodestly.
God is most willing to forgive the very worst of sinners
by praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and he will
give them all the grace they need to return to God’s loving
embrace in the sacraments. Let us not be foolish like
the people during World War I when God the Father sent
the Blessed Mother to tell the world to spend 10 to 15
minutes every day praying the rosary to prevent World
War II.
The chaplet, which is said on the rosary, may be our
only and lasting hope for peace, before we suffer God
the Father’s just wrath again. Praying the chaplet can
prevent crime. There is no other means to prevent the
many crimes in the streets and communities. Prayer and
only prayer can prevent tsunamis and other floods destroying
whole communities like a war zone.
Only prayer can prevent crimes in our streets and
schools like our children being shot and killed in their
schools. Only prayer can stop all street drugs, which destroy
the health of millions of people and cause so very
many crimes and killing people.
Prayer also prevents all natural floods and other natural
weather problems, and prevents uncontrollable major
fires. Before we suffer God the Father’s just wrath
again with the invention of intercontinental missiles and
nuclear bombs, nobody may be safe on this planet Earth.
Our Blessed Lord told Sister Faustina that this is the
time for all to pray for God’s mercy. If we do not pray
the chaplet now after this time of mercy, it will be the
time of God the Father’s just wrath again.
God our Heavenly Father wants every soul he creates
to be with him in Paradise. He is willing to forgive the
very worst and hardened sinner, and give them all the
graces they need to return to his loving embrace so they
can make a good sincere confession. Let us not be foolish
like the people during World War I when God the
Father sent his son’s mother to tell the world to spend 15
minutes every day praying the rosary to prevent World
War II.
The chaplet also gives grace to convert even the worst
of sinners. I had a parishioner who hadn’t been inside a
church since his youth. He had lived a wild life for very
many years. When I heard he had cancer I went to visit
him. The very last person he wanted to see was a priest
coming to his home, where he lived with his mother.
When he saw me coming he ran into the powder room
and stayed there until I left. I went to see him a second
time and he hid again. The third time I went to see him
I waited until he came out of the powder room. After
talking a while with him and his mother and brother, I
simply asked him if he would pray with me. He said OK.
We prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.
He hadn’t been to church for 50 years or more and
he had lived a wild life in those years. A few days later
he called me and told me he wanted to go to confession.
I had another person in the exact same situation, and
after praying the chaplet he later told me he also wanted
to go to confession.
In one of the apparitions of Our Lord to Sister Faustina,
Our Lord took Sister Faustina to a room where a
man was seriously ill and she saw many demons in the
room waiting for him to die so they could take his soul
into hell.
Sister Faustina started to pray the chaplet and all the
demons fled immediately like a flash of lightning. After
she finished the chaplet, the man asked for a priest to go
to confession and died in the peace of Christ.
God the Father said to Sister Faustina, “at the hour
of their death, I defend as my own glory every soul that
will say this chaplet, or when others say it for a dying
person the pardon is the same. When this chaplet is said
by the bedside of a dying person, God’s anger is placated,
unfathomable mercy envelops the soul.”
Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire every person
to pray the chaplet every day.
St. Pope John Paul was a major promoter of the beatification
and canonization of St. Faustina and strongly
promoted the chaplet.
Our Lord taught St. Faustina a prayer for mercy that
she was to pray “unceasingly”: the chaplet. He told her
that if she prayed in this way, her prayers would have
great power for the conversion of sinners, for peace for
the dying and even for controlling nature.
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