It is easy: The state of grace, Love of God, in your heart and a holy zest of making the most of a chain of circumstances and tasks that fill the day. "My God, I offer up all my steps today in union with the sacred steps of Jesus; I ask for a soul (the soul of a pagan; the conversion of a sinner; a soul from purgatory). I offer You every breath I draw today, in union with Jesus, and I ask for another soul. "I unite this headache, this heartache, this disappointment, this little sacrifice, this being patient, when I am troubled to the sacred sufferings of Jesus and I ask a soul for each one."

Jesus is very good, He will be so happy to give grace for the asking. He is rich too. He can pay you with souls with every coin of sacrifice. You may never know the souls you help; your good works may reach down to a soul in Russia, in Europe, You won't be able to count your trophies, for the work is hidden but your guardian angel is a good secretary he misses nothing.

Dear Lord, lead me to some soul today. And may I do my humble part to lead that soul to Thee; Many are lost in sin and shame And cannot find their way, And few there are that pray. So, help me Lord, to lead some soul to you today!

The above is a prayer that is often repeated by a very good Christian, a Baptist woman, 96 years of age from Detroit Michigan I do not know how long I have had this prayer card. The card was made by James Motschall, Detroit Michigan

May God wrap you in His Arms today and give you strength. Father in Heaven through the mystical wounds of Your Son Jesus have mercy on the souls who visit my web pages. Whoever visits this site is automatically prayed for night and day as long as I live God knows who you are and He will apply your petitions. My motto is I will not let the devil have my family, or any family. My soul or any soul, if I can prevent it, through prayer, sacrifice and pain and despair. I will fight the devil tooth and nail, till I take my last breath and then fight him from heaven for souls here on earth.