(In Memory of all Fathers and Mothers whose children have forgotten them)

Where are you Children? I feel so sad and alone.
No one comes to call or telephones.
I sit here day in and day out in my old rocking chair.
Doesn't anyone care.
I know I am old and my life I have lived.
But I still have a lot to give.

Where are you son? Where are you daughter?
Where have I faltered?
I have given you life and given you love,
And tried to give you everything I could think of.
But I failed somewhere along the line.
Because now none of you have the time.

Can you not pick up the phone?
And help me feel not so alone?

It really doesn't cost that much,
To keep in touch.

Lord, You are very near,
Yes Lord I hear,
You are calling me home
No more will I roam.

Goodbye Children
Too bad you couldn't call

Now I am truly HOME.

written by Dorothy Glinski

May God wrap you in His Arms today and give you strength. Father in Heaven through the mystical wounds of Your Son Jesus have mercy on the souls who visit my web pages. Whoever visits this site is automatically prayed for night and day as long as I live God knows who you are and He will apply your petitions. My motto is I will not let the devil have my family, or any family. My soul or any soul, if I can prevent it, through prayer, sacrifice and pain and despair. I will fight the devil tooth and nail, till I take my last breath and then fight him from heaven for souls here on earth. PRAYER REQUESTS FOR ANY REASON CONTACT: